Mel Series Table Of Stories

Follow the adventures of a mysterious alien who seem to like to play games.  What are his intentions?  Where is he taking us?

(Genre - Science Fiction)

1. Something is in the Shed
Two boys play in the backyard. They discover something or someone in the shed. They are eager for adventure in space time.

2. Dark Community
A stranger comes to a town and befriends the mayor with his charm.

3. The Prayer
Paco makes an emergency prayer to his deity, and it's answered. Mel has tricked him.

4. Old William
Old William Stelacuston is visited by Mel.

5. Frat Party
Mel finds Billy at a frat party,

6. The Heist
The most secure Bank in the Universe is robbed by just two aliens.

7. A Sting
Billy is confronted with Mel's behavior.  What will he do?

8. Child's Play
Billy finds himself on a strange planet.  Where is Mel?

All these stories take place in the Odyssey Blue Multiverse.