Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Rogue planets are curious astronomical anomalies. They occur after some peculiar orbital and/or gravitational circumstances between the planet and its sun which results with them being flung out into space ever to wander the darkness.

In Mels Shorts, I take you to a town of purple people called Villareal. That town is on a rogue planet called Taiera. When civilization started on the planet, it was happily orbiting its sun, but a neutron star passed by that particular solar system and disrupted the equilibrium. The planet got flung off out of its solar orbit and into interstellar space.

The governments of Taiera were able to get in contact with advanced alien civilisations with whom had limited contact before. Those aliens came to the planet's aid and setup heating technology so that the people wouldn't freeze. They also provided fusion reactors and geothermal technology for power. What they didn't provide was light.

Trade agreements were made. The planet had to get into the mushroom and fungus production business. Exporting mushrooms and fungus as a raw material brought what they needed to feed their livestock and themselves. They also gained wealth they never had before. Yet they maintained their cultural identity and way of life.

The natural fauna and flora mostly died off, but there was a large conservation effort to take as many species as possible off world, and either store them, by various methods, or keep them in conservation parks on other planets.

The planet's population survived certain death with the help of the aliens and their trade agreements. Sometimes, you just can't go it alone in this universe.