Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Mel’s Shorts and the novel I’m currently writing, Pursuit in Time, mentions dimensions and dimensional creatures. Now, I'm no theoretical physicist, but I am aware of M theory and that it mentions 11 dimensions. How was I supposed to use that in a novel? That many dimensions seemed too big. Especially when you consider that the limits of one dimension are from minus infinity to plus infinity on any scale.

So, I did what all pragmatist do, I made assumptions. “Heresy!” you might say. OK, fine. You try to create a world without assumptions then. Good luck to you, my friend.

So here is how my assumptions went. Since we live in 3 dimensions and use a 4th for movement, that's time, I felt confident enough to create 3 realms: the Physical, the Ethereal, and the Eternal. Then I divided the dimensions into each. “You numskull. There's 11 dimension, not 12. So, the dimensions don't divide evenly,” you might say. OK, I cheated. There, are you happy now? I made the Ethereal and the Eternal share one dimension, time. Now this time is not the same time dimension that the Physical realm has. In fact it works on a different scale. This allows the Ethereals to pick and choose what time they can enter a Physical Realm.

“This is beginning to sound confusing. I need a visual aid,” you might say. OK, I will capitulate with Venn diagrams.

This first one depicts the basic relationship of the three 3 realms. Of course the rectangle, as in all Venn diagrams, represents everything that is. In this case, the rectangle represents everything in our multiverse.
Simple Realm Relationship
That was very simplistic and has little use for a story-line. In the next diagram, I used the number 5 to represent multiplicity or infinity. The diagram quickly gets crowded, as you can see.

Comples Realm Relationship

You can immediately see that there are many Eternal Realms that don't communicate with each other. Within each Eternal Realm, there are many Ethereal Realms which also each contain many Physical Realms.

"So what does all this mumbo jumbo all mean?" you might ask.  A Physical Realm represents something like our universe. If you take time to think about it, you will see how enormous this construct is and how endless the story telling possibilities are.

If you consider M theory and this little brainstorming exercise, you might come to the conclusion that theological texts are insufficient to describe what's really out there. That's understanding that theological texts go way beyond anything described by observed science whether you are a believer or think that such things are mere fantasy. We have yet to conceive the limits of this reality.

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