Friday, July 22, 2016

Mel's Shorts is Out

I took several short stories in this blog and put them together in one ebook called Mel's Shorts. Of course, there was a lot of editing I had to do. Some stories were a few years old and my writing was pretty rough.

For those of you who don't know what these stories are about, here is some information.

This book contains science fiction stories of a pair of time travelers causing mayhem in the universe.

A time traveler gives a family some historical perspective.

An alien village it duped by a stranger.

A mayor seeks help from a higher power.

An old man is abused by an acquaintance.

A young man is challenged to greater things.

Thieves steal a bank.

Friends confront differences.

Origins of the time traveler is discovered.

A human girl discovers new things at her new space job.

Scientists make good on their project.

A young alien is visited by a time traveler.

These stories are full of mischief and intrigue. They tell of how people relate, love, and betray one another.

You can currently find Mel's Shorts at:

Amazon Kindle (US) - Search Mel's Shorts in your local Amazon site if you do not live in the US.


EC Holm