Thursday, May 19, 2016

Relation Insights Between Reader and Writer

Some well-intended writers share their experiences in marketing their first book that they have self-published. They say what worked for them and what doesn't work. They may mention how little money they received. What is the book business really like, and I mean in an overall perspective? In my opinion, it's a love affair between writer and reader. There is trust involved here.

They say money makes itself wings and flies away. That is to say, it's fleeting. No amount of money in the world could set you up for life. You have to have an influx of cash coming in. That said, Stephen King did hit the jackpot when his novel Carrie went to paperback. He didn't stop writing. He kept on writing even today. He knows he needs to write to keep the money coming in. It takes more than one book to make a book business. His fans adore him for it too.

Why does the romance novel sector sell so well? It's my opinion that since reading is such a personal experience, readers are quite open to private experiences in their minds. Society does not condemn them for it either. The experience also goes hand in hand with the relationship the writer has with the reader. Sure, the relationship is indirect, but it exists. Am I suggesting something of distaste? Not at all. The writer is a guide to the reader in the art of pleasure. She or he supplies the scenes, characters and event to conjure up the emotions in the reader. In fact, that’s what all writers to in all fiction genres. We are not unlike the gardener who prepares the soil and sows the seeds and water the garden so emotions sprout and grow to new heights. Thus the love affair. Sometimes it's like sordid lovers and others it's like careful parents. It's always love. It's always caring.

Yes, the book business is like a love affair. It's easy to lose that perspective when you're in the fray of social media, and you’re looking at the bottom line. I think the mistake young writers get into is that they get monetarily desperate. That's bad. If you are starting to write a book, have an income already. Don't be desperate, but be stable. Then you won't hurt your work or your business or, more importantly, hurt you.