Tuesday, May 3, 2016


This blog is about fiction, my fiction. Yet, as an ABE Educator, I would feel like I’ve done a disservice if I didn't talk about reading.

Now, I recently looked at the latest data of the US readership in the US to find out how eBook readership was doing. You know what I found out? That readership last year was down across the board. As a new author, that disheartens me. With reading you learn new things, and you have more options how to read than before.

By EC Holm
I know readership goes up and down from year to year, but still when it's down it means people are not taking advantage of great entertainment coupled with education. You most always learn something new when you read a novel. If not some little fact about the subject matter, you brush up on spelling,vocabulary, and grammar. You may ask why you need those since you don't write. Well, everybody writes. We text, we write emails to our bosses. We write on Facebook and every other social media you can think of. You look better when you spell correctly, use proper grammar, and great words.

What about reading itself? I always had a hard time reading when I was young. I needed reading glasses and didn't know it. Also, books were hard for me to keep open or too heavy. It was also hard for me to stay still for long periods of time. When I got glasses, I read more. When ebooks came around, it was a godsend. I could read on my phone with one hand and without pain. It was wonderful. Reading is such a personal activity. You have to find the proper atmosphere, the proper time, the proper everything that fits your needs. If you love to read out of physical books, more power to you. The ebook gives you controls that a book simply cannot. You can choose the size, weight, background color, font, and font size. Do you read with a single hand or with two hands? All these option are available to you when you read ebooks. I hear argument for books how people like the feel and smell of them. That's all good. I suggest there are real and practical reasons to being an ebook consumer. Some of these have to do with physical quirks of nerves, muscles, and eyes. Other reasons are just pure practical; you can carry more ebooks on one device than you can books in a suitcase while traveling, for instance. Reading has never been a more friendlier activity to the reader than it is today. Truth be told, most people buy both physical books and ebooks for various reasons.

Though readership is currently down in the US, reading has a bright future via its various options to the reader. I think the word needs to get out there more about reading and its options. So, buy a book, any book, any type and read.