Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Lunatics have Taken Over the Asylum

Oh no! The lunatics have taken over the asylum. This is how it feels like for me now that the characters are in control of the plot. I have to say, it's scary.

OK, I borrowed the line from Richard Rowland who made the same statement when United Artists was created in 1919. I think it still applies.

Through the Writers Guild, I've learned that most writers write without a plot. They just focus on the characters and then figure it all out. Nice way of delegating. I've always had a hard time delegating. Though I never agreed with Rowland, I find myself in a similar position as he did about 100 years ago. It’s so hard for us humans to just let go.

I guess the ideal is cooperation. Why force the characters into situations, though you will? Why dictate every step? Dictating every step is really not needed. In fact, I find it choking. I prefer to give the characters freedom to have their say and interact with each other and the environment.

Recently, I let the characters do their thing and they came up with an interesting fact that was uncovered. I was jittery through the whole process, but it revealed what the bad guy was doing and worked into the original plot. Well what do you know? The characters actually came through. Heh.