Sunday, March 6, 2016

Entrepreneurial Adventure

I have been thinking a lot about marketing. I mean consider this situation. Person A writes book. They get it published by a publisher to get a small percentage of the sales. Then they are told to market it. Now if person A is a new writer, and this is their first book, they have to all of the sudden become a marketing manager with little or no training or preparation.

Now consider Person B who also writes a book. They decide to self publish and cut out the middle man for their first book for whatever many reasons. They get the benefit of the full sales profit once one is made. They have extra work to do to make the publishing happen, but they do it and the book is out. Now they also have to market their book. They also have no experience or training. They have to become marketing managers of their books as well.

What is the moral of these stories? Well, no matter if you publish with a traditional publisher is self publish, you have to market your book. So why not catch a tiger by the rail and start early?

You see writing fiction is not just writing, it's an entrepreneurial adventure.

The way I started my entrepreneurial adventure is with this blog. Yep, I’m writing my first novel and keeping a blog at the same time. Then I am also putting myself out there on social media.

Why would I do that if my book is far from being finished? Exposure, my friend, exposure. Think about it. Why is Kim Kardashian famous? You can’t think of one thing she has done, can you? She’s had some good marketing and exposure. Not that kind of exposure. Don’t be crude.

So, exposure should turn into readers and readers should translate into initial sales by the time my book comes out.

Frankly, I’m looking to the long term. There is no get rich quick scheme here. Have fun and be savvy.