Monday, February 1, 2016

Letters To Olivia

Deep Space Station 1 - Concept Art by EC Holm

>Open New Folder – Letters to Olivia

>Open New File

1/1/2110 13:01

Dear Olivia,

Well, I'm out here, like I said I would be, writing to you on my tablet. I'm traveling in a cramped capsule with five other people, and all of them are guys. Even after 10 days of travel, they have been behaving, but I'm going nuts missing my best friend.

How are things back home in San Jose? I hope you're keeping yourself safe with the gang fights everywhere. Who would have thought that the news of alien contact, a few years ago, would rupture into civil unrest worldwide, right? The Encounter mission, to meet the aliens, has still a few years to launch. What will happen then? Full blown wars? I hope not.

Meet any cute boys in college? And how's that biology major going? Are you really interested in going to Mars? Ever since the microbe discovery, it seems like every biology major wants to be a Martian.

I'm not like you. You're smart and got the means to go to college. You know why I had to take this opportunity. There was nothing left for me back home. I don't want to get stuck in retail in my small hometown. I want to live, explore, and see what's out there. This job at Deep Space Station 1 lets me do that.

I didn't get a chance to tell you about the station before I left; we had so much to talk about. It's actually a helix. That means it's shaped like a spring. It rotates to provide artificial gravity. It's about a tenth of a mile in diameter and a tenth of a mile long. There's a central corridor that runs through the middle of its structure. Using that corridor, you can walk the whole station from end to end without turning right or left. That's about 7.5 miles. Yep, I intend to run it.

It's so cramped in here I hope we'll dock soon.

Love Susy.

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