Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Child's Play

Billy saw children around a fire in the distance. He was in a forest of white trees. Everything on this planet was white. Even the ground was white. Like someone threw a bucket of paint on the whole place. It was an incredible sight. In contrast, the sky was dark. He drew closer and crouched behind a stone column. He clutched the wooden cane with the brass handle. He saw another stone column on the other side of the clearing with a statue of what appeared to be an angel on top of it. He brushed back his hair from in front of his face and observed the children. He counted four boys about thirteen Earth years old.

"..and then the garmatal came in and ate them all up!" blurted the biggest boy. The others gasped in horror with obvious frightened faces on them. Billy held in his giggles.

"That was not so, Gimolee," said a small skinny kid with messy hair.

"Was so, Belloff."

"Was not."

"See if you can tell one better." The two silent ones taunted Belloff. Billy saw where the lines were drawn here.

"Yeah. Tell a better one, if you dare," said the overweight boy and he threw a rock at Belloff. It hit him in the face. Belloff did not cry.

"Yeah, Belloff. Tell us or we will beat you into the ground," said the last boy who also threw a rock. It hit Belloff in the knee. He brushed his knee off and rearranged his position.

"Alright then. I will." He paused for a moment. "Well, there was this mystic man who appeared and disappeared in a blink of an eye and..."

Billy suddenly appeared next to Belloff. "..and he offers 3 wishes," Billy shouted. The shocked boys scurried backwards in astonishment.

"Good story. Good story," said Gimolee. Belloff did not move, nor was he frightened. Billy was impressed by this. In fact, the boy was smiling. The other boys ran off in sheer fright.

"Good day, Mister," said Belloff calmly looking up at Billy.

"Day? Is that what you call this? It's so dark." Billy looked all around and then up at the sky filled with stars.

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