Monday, February 23, 2015

A Sting

Billy yawned.

He slept in. The sun was hitting his eyelids causing him to do something he didn't want to, wake up. He remembered the previous night when he partied it up with some women of ill repute and booze. He felt like heavy bricks were weighing him down. He didn't want to move.

He opened one eye and saw the beauty of the golden sun. It was much like his own at home, Earth. This was not home. This was an alien planet which he and his mad friend, Mel, took over in a bank heist con.

Something strange was happening. Something strange was happening to the Sun. It was getting darker. To his knowledge, there wasn't supposed to be a solar eclipse today from either of Veheemia's moons. What is that? What's going on? He thought. The Sun continued to get darker and darker until...

"Ow! " Something hit his head and plopped on the floor. He rolled off the bed and stood up facing the open window and holding his wound around his eye with one hand. "Damn it! What the hell?!" he said. "Fuck!"

The pain was agonizing for a minute or two. In that time, he could hear moans of people waking up. His loud comments must have woken them. Then he remembered about the girls. He looked around the lavishly decorated room with his good eye and saw yellow and orange flesh moving about. It was like looking in a citrus landscape. The red walls with gilded picture frames reminded him of some palace in Europe.

"All of you, go. Get out," he said loudly and angrily while motioning with his arm. The girls immediately got up and collected their clothes and belongings and hurried out in a great clamor. He was left alone. He went to the washroom and tended to his eye. Not too bad. Just a cut. Nothing that a simple med pack can't help with. He looked in the cupboards and found one.

After patching up his eye, he looked for the projectile. He found a rock with a paper note on it attached by a string. It was decisively low tech for this high tech world. He unfolded the note and saw the weirdest writing he'd had ever seen. Then he checked his ear. His translator fell out. No wonder the girls were scared. They'd never heard English before. He proceeded to look for the translator and found it among the sheets. He put it in his ear and proceeded to read the message again.

"Billy, while you are whoremongering, your friend is charging exuberant amount of taxes, taking people's lands, and killing them if they refuse. Get off your pompous ass and stop him. Jaahneet"

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