Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Heist

Jaahneet followed her new boss into Central Bank's main lobby. The hall ceiling was cathedral height, and the walls and floor were covered in purple and white polished marble. Her high heels echoed every time she took a step.

"As you can see we have state of the art security in this facility," said Marbell in his most impressing voice in hopes of winning a dinner with this pretty new employee.

"I see multi-spectrum cameras; alpha, x, and gamma ray sensors; and guards with photonic rapier guns at their side," said Jaahneet.

"And do not forget the temporal sensors. They are new. We received new intel that there is a loony time traveler on the loose. He could be capable of anything."

"Now, why would a time traveler rob a bank? I mean, what will he do with the credits? I would think he could steal anything he would want to buy if he was going to steal at all."

"I would agree with you, Jaahneet. You are as intelligent as you are beautiful. But this one is said to have a couple of screws loose. Who knows what he will do?" Marbell had stopped at the marble counter and looked over her exquisite slender form. He liked her curves, her well primed suit jacket and skirt, her blue hair tied in a tight ponytail, and her nicely complexioned yellow skin, "So, this is the biggest bank in the capital of the most advanced civilization in the known universe. What do you think?"

"Well..." Jaahneet looked over the large lobby with many, but not solely, yellow skinned customers in queue. "I see what element we have to deal with. Not only upstanding Veheemean citizens but also those of other races and planets. Even one from a back sector planet." She pointed to a purple skinned old man in a traditional clergy brown cloak and a staff. He was bent over with age, and clearly stood out in the crowd.

"Don't point. It's not polite. Yes. Yes. Your security skills are quite admirable, but you have a lot to learn about customer service. That is why you're here as a security administer intern, to learn." Marbell's voice emphasis on his last word made Jaahneet feel that she should switch her mind into learning mode.

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