Friday, November 14, 2014

Frat Party

"Come On, Babe. Come On. Babe. Give it. Give it to me!" said the sophomore. The bed heaved wildly. Its springs gave off a rhythmic sound. Grunts and moans came from her partner under her. He felt like a rivet being jack-hammered. He heard the funk beat of the loud music playing downstairs keeping time with them. God this babe is hot. What a fucking great party!

"Well Hello, Billy!" said a loud voice. The sophomore screamed as she tumbled off the bed taking the sheets with her. She smacked her head on the orange shag carpet.

"What the fuck, man?!" said Billy. He grabbed for something to cover himself to no avail. He settled for his hands, both of them. The sophomore grabbed her clothes. She ran into the closed door and smacked her face again. She fell over. She got up and opened the door, picked her clothes up, and continued her semi-naked exit with the sheets.

"You browns ARE entirely pathetic!" said the stranger.

Billy tried to focus his blurry eyes. "Whoa! What! Who you calling brown? I'm white, man! She was..."

"Exquisite? Surely, you are not going to insult the fairer sex."


"Black? Oh, no, no, no, no. Black people are from an entirely different planet. You see, she may have been darker than you. But she is not what I would call black, no, not at all. She and you are what I call brown, as in people from this planet."

Billy's eyes finally cleared up.

"Hey dude! You're white. You're an alien?"

"You finally noticed. You are a genius! How do you do it?" The stranger's grin and tone of sarcasm made him somewhat amicable to Billy.

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