Sunday, October 26, 2014

Old William

Old Mr. William Stellacuston sat listening intently with his eyes closed and his head back. His ears absorbed the digital quality sound from his new personal compact disc player. It was currently playing one of his favorite tunes from the 1950s. He melted in the harmony of the strings, piano, and brass as he played with his wooden compass cane.

A slight breeze swept across his wrinkled face. This caused his eyes to open and look around the park. There was a playground in the distance. A couple of young ladies jogged by in their pastel leotards and leg warmers. He took a peek. No matter the era, the trees and the birds are always the same. How time goes by.

"Say, Old Boy, have you seen my friend William by any chance?" said a familiar voice.
William opened his eyes wide. He was so shocked and turned his head so fast that his lightweight headphones moved around his head. One phone landed on his cheek.

"YOU! You crook! You kidnapper!" said William. "Where's my boy? Where is Billy?" At this point William was shaking his cane at Mel, and his headset dropped off his face.
"Hmm...Let us see. Billy...Billy. Ah! Yes, Billy. Well, last I saw him he was a little boy about yea high running around thinking he was an indigenous native of your land," said Mel putting a smile on the situation.

"NO! You clown! He disappeared years ago in college. His friends described a pale-faced freak with colorful pants and a brown overcoat such as you are wearing now."

"Hmm...I see."

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