Saturday, September 13, 2014

Dark Community

The following is a work of fiction. The characters are fictional.  Any resemblance of characters to real people is a mere coincidence and unintentional.

 Paco strolled down the cobblestone street. He strutted like a proud peacock. He came to the Butcher's shop. Juan, the butcher, was standing in its entrance putting on a clean apron with his purple hands.
"Good morning Mr. Juan. A nice morning is it not?" said Paco.
"Indeed it is Mr. Mayor. I have sales today if you like to tell the missus."
"I will indeed sir."
Paco kept strolling down the lane. It curved around the different shops and homes, all made of stone. Villareal was sure lucky to have him as mayor. He kept a shepherd's eye on everything. He had to. It was such a small village that the next police station was a day's travel by carriage.
"Good morning Mrs. Ellena."
"Good morning Mr. Mayor," said a middle aged woman dressed in a black dress that covered her whole body except for her purple face and hands. She had a bucket in her hand having just thrown out some dirty water on the street.
Paco proceeded on his morning patrol. Then he saw a stranger. You had to be careful with strangers because you never knew what strange things strangers would bring or do. Why he just might start a riot or worse an argument. Heaven forbid he would ask anyone questions. That would be just scandalous.

If you wish to read the rest of this story, it is in the free ebook Mel's Shorts. Read more about it at the Mel's Shorts page.