Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Vacant Planet

The following is a work of fiction. The characters are fictional.  Any resemblance of characters to real people is a mere coincidence and unintentional.

 Out there in the Universe, Nature went to see a planet.  A planet where two people lived, the Greens and the Purples.  She was magnificently adorned in her green/blue/red dress with long arms.  Her hair was equally magnificent in beauty and also multicolored.  When she got there, she saw that the cities were empty.  She looked high and low, in and out but nothing she found.  She grew sad and shed some tears.  Then she paused and contemplated for a time. Suddenly, she waved her arms in rotating fashion.  The vegetation and the wild animals started take over the cities as she commanded.  When she was finished, she turned around and found Time standing right behind her.  She immediately jumped back.

“Oh! You startled me, Time,” she said.

“Oh?  You must have been busy,” he said.

“What happened here?  Where are all the people?  You have all seeing old grey eyes.  Surely you know.”

“A disagreement happened,” said Time nodding his long grey head of hair.  He held his walking stick next to the white gown that covered his chest.

“A disagreement?  But a disagreement should not result in this!”

“Ah! But it was an unresolved disagreement.”

“How did it start?”

“A few years ago, a Green told a Purple to get off the street.  The Purple said, ‘I don’t want to.’

“The Green said, ‘You must, it’s the Rule.’

“‘Well, who’s going to make me?’

“‘I will!’  With that, the green pulled out a weapon and splattered the Purple’s flesh and blood all over the street.  The Green then left.”

“Tisk, tisk, such violence.  Sounds like it was over then,” said Nature shaking her head.

“No it was not.  You see, the Purple’s got out on the streets and protested the action.  They went up and down the streets mourning as they should.  Then the Green’s in defensive outfits gassed the Purples.  The Purples in turn fought back first with stones, then with knives, and then guns.  Then a skirmish broke out, which led into a battle, which led into battles all over the land.  Finally, it led to war.”

“And this is how it ended? Not a person in sight?”

Time nodded his old grey head and kicked the ground with his old wrinkly feet.  His wrinkly hands clutched his walking stick.  “They all perished.  They used nuclear bombs and such things.  Just now the radiation is dissipating.”

“Was there any sign of reason in this war?  A voice that gave them an alternative?”

“Well, yes.  There were individuals here and there both Purple and Green.  They would yell and try the violence to stop.  Some succeeded for a little while and some were just murdered on the spot.  Those that had some success gave a speech something like this: ‘Greens and Purples, you are brothers.  Stop fighting.  Fighting will be the doom of life on this planet.  We need each other.  We don’t need each other dead.  Look, we bleed the same blood.  My blood is like your blood, blue.  We are the same, you and I.  We must find a way to work and live in peace.  To complement one another and to mingle with each other.  The past is the past.  There was slavery and illicit acts, murders and theft.  Above all there was and is hate.  This hate is silly and illogical.  Do you remember why we are fighting?  Do you even know?  If you care about the future, you will listen and put down the weapons, put down the aggression, put away the hardness of your faces and hearts.  If you care, we need to cry together and mend our mutual hearts, brother to brother and sister to sister.  Let’s build the future and stop tearing down the present.’”

“How did these heroes fair?”

“For a small amount of time the people listened but then went back to fighting.  The heroes, as you call them, got themselves killed trying to break up the fighting anew.  Then….ah…..then there was no hope.  The Purples and the Greens ran quickly to mutual annihilation.”

“If only they were not so petty.  If only they embraced diplomacy and agreement.”

“Indeed.”  Time lowered his grey head again in sadness.  

Nature did so for a minute, but then she raised her head back up and said, “Enough of that.  I don’t care about them anymore for they cared nothing for themselves.  The vegetation and the animals will reconquer their cities and their roads.  Their buildings will crumble and their machines will rust and rot.  In a few decades, nothing will be left of them.  No one will remember them.  And when a people form a different world come, they will occupy this planet and it will know a people that is peaceful and just.”

“Let it be so,” said Time raising his head in new vigour.  “Where will you go next?”

“I have to check on a small blue planet.  I will see if those people are worthy of continued life.”

“What is the name of that planet?”

“The people there like to call it Earth.”

“Ah, yes.  Earth!  So far they have escaped the pitfalls of destruction time and again.  Perhaps they will show more promise.”

With that, Nature lifted her arms straight out and her body lifted off the planet began to travel through space-time.  Time stayed on the planet.  He observed the different animal species and started to see communities forming and expanding.

“Ah.  Here we go again.”