Sunday, June 22, 2014

Mere Human

What am I?  I have skin that darkens, and I have hair that lightens.  Could I be equatorial, tropical or polar?  What good is it?  What harsh word will I get because of my looks?  When I look in the mirror, I am me.  Ethnicity is a mere word; a way to differentiate people one from another but to what end?  Surely, it is for nothing good nor pure.   Why am I hated?

Shall I have hair?  Shall I have nappy or curly or flat hair?  What if I color it?  Who will accept me, and who will reject me?  Shall I wear clothes?  Flowing colors, big hats, flamboyant frills should be my venture, or dull and dark trappings that downplays my presence should cover my nakedness?  Can my choice of happy or sad make a difference?

Should I yell obscenities?  Should I bring anyone, who comes my way, low?  Should I say to myself they must pay ... they must pay.  Greeting my fellow person with kind words should cause healing.  It would make whole any person and find solution to any problem.  Why do I not take up kind words?

My fists are clenched.  Should I impact them on my comrades' faces, or is friendship dear to me?  Could it be so dear that I should seek it out among those that know me not?  Seek love and healing from those who look different than me, shall I?  Should I know the tenderness of a cool glass of clear water that was offered?  My body would be lauded with warmth and gifts rather than bruises and bloody slashes.

What are my feat for?  Are they to crush the enemies' heads to pulp?  What enemies do I have?  Who made them enemies?  Should my feat run?  Yes, they should run like the gazelles, deer, horses, and antelopes.  Where should they run to?  Should they take me to battle to cause pain and suffering to others as well as myself?  Should they run to bind the wounds of my fellows caused by folly?  Should they run to get nutrition to those who are in need?  Should they bring life rather than death to this community or this society?

I am a mere human.  Where are the hugs of fellow humans.