Monday, April 7, 2014

Valentine Night

The following is a work of fiction. The characters are fictional.  Any resemblance of characters to real people is a mere coincidence and unintentional.
Fran takes a sip of her beer at the bar.  It was Valintine's night.  She hadn't been with someone in quite some time.  She wore her cute pink strapped top and put her hair in a pony tail lopsided to the right with a cute pink scrunchy.  Jeans were the bottoms du jour.

"Isn't that dude, like, the bomb?" she said.  Her friend Sam winced her eyes.  Sam was dressed to kill wearing a strapless black lacy top with a pair of Daisy Duke's to show her curves.

"He's, like, totally gay."

"WOW! Like, gag me with a spoon.  How'd you know?"

"See how his butt is, like, totally out there 'n, like, wigglin' 'n all?"

"Totally.  Like wigglin' and jigglin'."

"He's totally gay."

"Well, how do you, like,  get a cute dude here anyway?"

"Like, all you have to do is show a know..."


"Like. Totally."  Sam giggled with a big smile. She adjusted her breasts to get more showing.  Fran tried to push down her blouse to show more but she wasn't as big as Sam.

"Oh God!  Here comes a dude.  He's totally hot, too."

"Hello, ladies," said the man.  He was wearing a nice tan snap up western style long sleeve shirt, a big buckle showing some bucking bronco, blue jeans, and shiny black cowboy boots.

"Hi," Fran and Sam said in unison.

"What lovely flowers we have here today.  Any of you care for a dance with this here old cowboy?"

The girls giggled.

"Oh. Come on now.  Your a strappin' young man.  Let's go!"  Sam took the Cowboy's hand and off they went to the floor with everyone else.

Fran watched them feeling jealous.  She crossed her arms and pouted her lip.  Sam always got the first guys.  What a slut.  Damn, why isn't Frank here?

Fran knew all too well why Frank was not with her.   He had gone to work one Valentine's night.  There was a shoot out.  Some of his buddies got hit.  He saw his opportunity and rushed the perp.  He took a lot of lead but got the bastard.  The funeral was with all out honors.  Uniforms lined up for it, and Fran got a flag.

She remembered it all, like it was yesterday.  She put her hand in her pocket and felt the metal.  She felt every detail of that shield.  Dammit Frank. Why did you go out that Valentine's?  Her eyes started to tear up.  Then, she pulled it out.  The gleaming metal reminded of his smile, his touch, his love.  It was all she had of him, and all that was left of that life.  That was 30 years ago.

Sam game back winded and her grey hair messed up.  The Old Cowboy looked winded as well.  He bent over holding his knees to catch a breath.  His hat fell off reveling his bald head except for some thin white strands of hair on the sides and back.

"Hoo weh! Now that doll knows how to dance," he said with a big smile and using the bar to prop himself up.

"You should have seen me in '87.  I would have rocked your world," said Sam confidently.  She adjusted her top that covered her wrinkly skin dotted with darker blemishes.  "I may not have much on top anymore, but I got it where it counts."

"You sure as hell do, Doll."

"Well sounds like you kids had fun," said Fran forcing a smile on her heavy made up face.  Makeup couldn't hide the years that still showed on her face.  "Shouldn't we get you back home, Sam."

"Yeah.  I guess your right, Fran.  Your always right.  Got a pen?"  Fran pulled out a ballpoint out of her pocket, and the shield fell out with a loud cling.  Sam took the pen and started to write on a bar napkin.

"You still holding on to him, Babe?"

"Never mind it, Sam."  The Old Cowboy picked the shield up and gave it back to Fran.

"I'm sorry for your loss, ma'am," he said sounding sincere.

"Thank you Sir.  But it was a long time ago."

Sam gave the napkin to the Old Cowboy.

"Here's a rain check, cutie," said Sam.  Fran reached along the bar to find a wooden cane.  She grabbed it.

"Ready, girl?"

"Yeah.  Let's blow this joint.  No, really I could use one."

"Let's see what we got at home.  I won't tell your mother if you don't."

The two ladies walked slowly away from the bar towards the exit chattin' and gigglin' as they went.  Thus they completed yet another Valentine's night at the Senior Center.

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