Saturday, November 30, 2013

No One Heard, No One Cared

The following is a work of fiction. The characters are fictional.  Any resemblance of characters to real people is a mere coincidence and unintentional. Warning: This story contains violence to children and women.

Emma dressed in her skirt, stockings, blouse, jacket, and hat for the evening stroll with her children.  She had Armando wear pants, shoes, shirt, a hat, and a jacket with lapels.  Ellie was dressed in a red dress with long sleeves and white trim.  She also wore a jacket and a hat.  They were ready for their evening stroll around to neighborhood just before dinner.

They walked their usual route form their home and stayed on the sidewalk.  Then they turned a corner.  To their amazement there were gangs of young men in brown shirts smashing windows of stores.  The baker's, the shoe maker, the bank, all were being smashed and ransacked.

"Com'on children, let's leave," said Emma trying to get her children to turn around.

"Some one should stop this," said Ellie.

"Yeah, let's get the police," said Armando.

"No, children.  Let's go back home this is not our business."

Emma tried to move the children away from the scene when someone grabbed her arm.  She was yanked hard, and her body swung around.

"What do we have here?" said the young man in a brown shirt who was holding onto Emma.

"A lady and two little brats," said another man also in a brown shirt.

"Let's have some fun," said a third.

Two of them gabbed Ellie and Armando and took them a few feet away.

"No! Don't hurt them.  They're my children," cried Emma.

Armando and Ellie tried to fight the men off but were too young.  The men started to rip the clothes off the children.  Emma watched in horror as she was held by the young man who was laughing.

As one of the men started to unzip his pants, another man shouted.  The young men stopped in their tracks.  Emma looked almost behind her and saw a man in a grey military uniform and a grey cap with a black brim.  He also wore high leather military boots.  She didn't notice the SS insignia on his lapel nor did she care.

"Help! Help! Help us sir!  These men are violating my children," cried Emma.

"We cannot have that here!  You men stop at once," the military man said.  He pulled out a handgun from a holster on the side of his coat belt.  He pointed the gun at the young men.

The young men stepped away slowly.  Ellie and Armando stood together and crying.  Their nice clothes half torn off.  Their jackets and hats were thrown to the ground.

"The children are not to be harmed," said the military man.  With that command he took aim and shot twice.  Ellie and Armando slumped to the ground.

"What have you done! Oh God...," howled Emma.

The military man grabbed her arm.  "Now no one will hurt the children.  Come lady, you are to give entertainment to these patriots.  He delivered her into the hands of the three young men  who proceeded to rape her right next to her children's dead bodies.

No one in the town cared to hear Emma's cries and shrieks.  No one thought it was their business when her voice fell silent.